Sleep well in everyday luxury

Our love of linen runs deep. For us, nothing compares to the light and breezy feel of pure linen and its natural, lived-in feel. Providing our Foxtrot Home family with accessible, sustainably sourced linen bedding brings us so much joy that introducing a range of linen sleepwear felt like a natural next step for our little linen business.
The softness of French Flax Linen creates a sleep sanctuary that not only feels luxurious but is also gentle and hypoallergenic; it’s these properties that make linen the perfect choice for sleepwear.
Foxtrot Home’s new pyjama sets and robes in pure French Flax Linen are an everyday luxury that are gentle and help to promote a good night’s sleep.
Why sleep in linen?
Linen is naturally breathable thanks to the loose weave and long fibres of flax. Thanks to linen’s clever temperature regulation abilities, linen pyjamas will keep you feeling cool and comfortable.
If you’re prone to allergies or skin conditions like eczema, you can rest easy knowing our soft, natural linen sleepwear sets are hypoallergenic and kind on skin.
Why Foxtrot Home sleepwear? 
Our linen sleepwear range is stonewashed for extra softness and includes an easy wearing pyjama set of a short-sleeved shirt and shorts and mid-length robes, perfect for early mornings or lazy lounging around the house.
All of our linen is sustainably sourced from Normandy, France. Our makers are Oeko-Tex certified, BSCI accredited, GOTS certified, INTERTEK assured, and ethically produced by a small family-run factory in China – which, when travel is possible, we visit regularly.
Tips for a good night’s sleep?
Treating yourself to a nice pair of pyjamas as a form of self-care is something we encourage everyone to do! There is nothing quite like a fresh set of matching pyjamas to make you feel ready for a good night’s sleep. Here are some of our favourite techniques to help you wind down, reset, and encourage restorative sleep.
Have a regular sleep routine – experts recommend 6-9 hours of sleep a night. Set a bedtime reminder to help you stick to an earlier bedtime if you often find yourself staying up much longer than you planned. (Guilty!)
Reduce blue light exposure – the blue light from our phones disrupts our natural circadian rhythm making it more challenging to go to sleep and wake up the following day. Create dedicated wind-down time at least half an hour before bed. Put down that phone and pick up a good read instead before you go to sleep.
Meditation or mindfulness before bed – relaxation techniques can help calm your mind after a busy day. Breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, or guided meditation are easy ways to practice relaxation before bed to de-stress and clear your mind.
Create a restful environment – a calm, peaceful space that is dark, quiet, and comfortable. Clutter can cause increased cortisol levels, a known stress hormone. Creating a calm space that invites sleep can help put your mind at ease for a better night’s rest.
Creating a sleep sanctuary is something we care deeply about, and our search for quality French Flax Linen for our own bedrooms is what led us to create Foxtrot Home. We are thrilled to be able to launch a beautiful, sustainably sourced sleepwear range that helps you sleep in comfort.
Our sleepwear range comes in women’s and men’s style pyjamas plus a unisex mid-length robe in a range of classic Foxtrot Home colours.