Why French Flax Linen is a great choice for year-round comfort


Linen sometimes gets unfairly dismissed as being too rough and itchy for a comfortable night’s sleep. That certainly was the case in past generations when linen bedding began its life in a more raw state than linen today, taking years, often through generations, to soften enough to be considered cosy. But nowadays, stonewashed linen (we use natural pumice stones) accelerates the process and creates soft, beautifully textured bedding that feels instantly luxurious for year-round comfort. 

Pure French flax linen helps regulate your body temperature from the hottest summer days to the coolest winter nights. Its versatility comes down to one of its finest properties - breathability.


What does breathable mean? 

Natural fibres create a looser weave allowing airflow through your sheets; this means your sheets can ‘breathe’ compared to manufactured fabrics like polyester which don’t allow airflow through the weave. Airflow helps regulate your body temperature keeping you from overheating in your sleep.


Keep cool in summer with breathable linen.

The hollow fibres of flax and a naturally looser weave than cotton create a light, airy feel. Flax is also naturally absorbent with excellent ‘moisture wicking’ properties - flax linen draws out sweat and dries quickly for a comfortable night’s sleep. The softness of linen causes less friction as it sits lightly on your body, allowing more movement to keep you cool.


Pure French flax linen for a cosy, night’s sleep in winter.

It’s well known that flax linen keeps you cool in summer, but it’s ability to regulate temperature through its looser weave and absorbency also helps keep you warm and comfortable in winter. Flax fibres are longer than cotton, making it twenty percent more absorbent.

It’s a wonderful, breathable layer underneath winter weight duvets and blankets, which means no overheating in heavy winter bedding. The weight and softness of linen sheets also allows you to feel snug for a peaceful night’s sleep. 


Linen throughout the seasons

Pure French flax linen is hypoallergenic and gentle making it a healthy option for children and adults alike with allergies and sensitive skin. The loose weave is less likely to trap dust and particles which is particularly good for those in-between seasons when pollen is prevalent.  

Not all linen sheets are made equal. For softness and durability make the choice to support ethically sourced linen. We use the highest quality, sustainably sourced French flax linen, which is then stonewashed for extra softness. 

Enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep, in breathable, trans-seasonal French flax linen.