What is Certified European Flax® and GOTS?

In the last decade, high-quality linen has enjoyed something of a resurgence. But as demand has increased, so too has the number of sub-standard, and worse, imitation products on the market. Internationally recognised accreditations like ‘Certified European Flax,’ ‘Global Organic Textile Standard’ (GOTS) are known hallmarks of quality and authenticity — but what exactly do they stand for?

Certified European Flax® - Premium Linen Fibre 

As mentioned in our earlier blog on linen quality, European flax® linen is highly desirable for reasons covering climate, cultivation and craftsmanship. But how can you actually tell the fibres that make up your linen product are actually sourced from Europe? Answer: look for the EUROPEAN FLAX® certification.

 Owned by the European Confederation of Flax and Hemp, the EUROPEAN FLAX® label certifies place of origin traceability from flax plant seed, right through to the complete linen sheet. It ensures high-grade fibres sourced exclusively from Northern Europe — that, and local farmer commitment to zero irrigation, zero GMO, and zero waste. In other words, when you buy Foxtrot Home European (French) flax linen, you’re buying a premium quality product that's helping to reduce the world’s carbon footprint. See, unlike cotton, flax plants help renew soil, capture CO2 and require no irrigation, fertilisers or pesticides.  

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

The aim of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is to give you, the consumer, credible assurances that what you’re purchasing is truly organic and sustainable. The standard sets stringent environmental as well as social protections throughout the entire organic textiles supply chain, this includes an employer charter necessitating:

*safe and hygienic working conditions

*payment of a living wage

*the right for workers to join a union

*regular and reasonable working hours


*child-free workplaces 

Like OEKO-TEX, GOTS limits the use of harmful substances, dyes and other chemical inputs during the cultivation and production process — a full list of criteria and is available here.

Foxtrot’s pure flax linen products are covered by a number of recognised standards and certifications covering authenticity, quality, safety and labour and it is our commitment to do better and make more conscious, sustainable and ethical changes in our business, every day. 

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Kate & Prue xx