5 Ways to Reuse Your Linen Bag

At Foxtrot Home we’re doing our best to ensure our business model works with the environment, not against it. To this end, our pure flax linen sheets are sustainably sourced from Normandy, France, and carefully produced without use of harmful substances.

Recyclable and biodegradable, flax linen makes an ideal packaging material for our sheets — and as it happens — many of the daily items you can’t live without! We’ve recently been inspired by the creative ways customers are reusing the draw-string linen bags their pieces come in. And with this in mind we’ve compiled a list of some suggestions you can repurpose yours too!


Perhaps the only downside of travel is having to continually pack and unpack — and how quickly things get disorganised. Whether it’s for carry-on essentials, separating shoes from clothing, or toiletries, our linen bags make great luggage packing aids! If your bag becomes dirty from boots or make-up, simply throw it in the wash, and voilà! Be sure to pack a spare for separating washed from unwashed or mum’s gifts from dads :-)


Machine washing delicate items? Try using your linen pouch as a makeshift delicates bag. More effective than pillowcases, Foxtrot linen bags can be fully sealed, protecting your lingerie, gym wear, children’s toys, and other ‘hand-wash only’ laundry items from your machine. Tip: don’t overfill your bag/machine as more movement inside the bag/machine assists the cleaning process.


Food? Yes, food! With the ability to throw off odour as well as mould and fungi, organic linen bags are great for moving food from A to B. In addition to making a reusable lunch bag, they provide effective storage for onions, potatoes and baking. As many-a home cook will tell you, linen is also great for preventing homemade bread from going stale, maintaining softness and preserving that special crisp crust.


Children can be high energy and high-mess. Sorry, our bags won’t change that, but they can offer user-friendly storage. From arts and crafts, to reading materials and toy sets, the bags keep all the bits and bobs together. What’s more, they can be hung on door handles and bed posts in sight of their faithful owner.


Be it a sock, shoe or water bottle, something always seems to go missing during a gym visit. Foxtrot’s linen bags are fantastic for keeping exercise essentials together. And because they can be washed you needn't worry about accumulating dirty clothing in them during a busy week.

Please feel free to send us a photo of how you use your bags, we would love to see and share! 

Kate & Prue xo