Why wool? Championing New Zealand’s most underrated commodity.

At Foxtrot Home we adore wool, and we can’t rave about the super fibre and its wonderful natural properties enough. Kate lives on a sheep farm in the Hawkes Bay and has first-hand insight into the benefits of wool and how under-valued this beautifully soft, natural fibre is. Not just for bedding but for a warm, healthy home overall.
Strong wool in particular has so much going for it, yet is particularly undervalued, if you can believe it. At the moment it costs more to shear the sheep than you’ll receive back for the wool product – a  sustainable, renewable fibre with magical natural properties! In contrast, an alarming 17,000 tonnes of synthetic carpet fibres are imported into New Zealand per year. Tonnes of synthetic carpet is brought into the country when the better solution is right here in our backyard.
Eighty percent of sheep in New Zealand are coarse (or strong wool) sheep- we’re talking millions of sheep! Despite its abundance and accessibility, the stronger, thicker fibre is seriously underrated compared to its finer merino wool counterpart. But it didn’t start out this way, strong wool had a booming history back in the 50s and 60s and was a highly sought-after wool product. However, synthetics production steam-rolled wool’s popularity, and for years natural wool has been replaced by plastics in everything, from clothing to flooring.
Thankfully it’s starting to make a comeback and we are here for it. We whole-heartedly believe things are changing. There is renewed energy for sustainable materials in the home, from wool insulation and wool carpets to wool blankets and strong wool is making a much awaited comeback. Whoop! With more education around what plastics are doing to the environment, natural fibres are getting the recognition they deserve, not just in homewares, but as viable options for the building blocks of our homes.   
We are not alone in our championing of New Zealand strong wool, Cavalier Bremworth made the move to produce exclusively wool carpet in 2021. As we are all now more aware, once those synthetic carpets and layers are thrown out, they stay in landfill for generations.
And apart from being the more sustainable, and not to mention renewable and biodegradable option, strong wool has magnificent natural properties that help to create warm and healthier homes.  
Wool insulation and carpet create an unmatched thermal barrier that keeps the warmth in, leaving your home much more energy efficient. Thanks to its temperature regulating abilities, wool also keeps our homes cool in summer, and there is nothing better than walking barefoot on wool carpet to feel homely and snug! Wool insulation and carpet also absorb sound. Perfect for hectic family life or blocking out noisy neighbours.
Wool is also hypoallergenic, repelling allergens like dust mites and mould. Wool keeps dust on the surface, making it easy to vacuum up compared to synthetics where dust gets trapped within the fibres and staying there.
We are advocates for natural fibres in the home, and we wanted to celebrate wool’s properties and bring attention back to this beautiful, old-school fibre in a way that complemented the beautiful Flax French Linen bedding Foxtrot Home is known for.
Our own Foxtrot Wool blankets and throws are made from 100 percent lambswool which is strong wool proudly sourced from Kate’s Hawkes Bay farm and crafted in New Zealand. We have Foxtrot throws throughout the house, on our beds and in the lounge room for cosy winter nights. Strong wool creates a heavy, comforting blanket that really does feel like a deep hug! Wool is also water wicking, so it regulates body temperature leaving you feeling relaxed and warm, not overheated, so if you live in milder areas of New Zealand don’t be afraid to give wool a go in your homes too!
Our generously sized wool blankets make a beautiful pairing with our relaxed, pure Linen bedding for a snug, breathable, healthy night’s sleep. There is a strong-wool revolution happening and we invite you to join us in celebrating beautiful, luxurious wool in your home.
Find out more about our own wool here!